My Siamese Cat is Missing From My Home In Phoenix


Bear is my little siamese cat and he is missing from my home in Phoenix, AZ. He is a three year old male, he is wary but friendly. He went out for his morning stroll one day at 5am as usual and never returned.

We’ve done all the usual things that one does when a cat is lost:

  • Plastered flyers everywhere
  • Went door-to-door
  • Visited the humane society, pound, and the shelters every day.
  • Put an ad on craigslist and monitored craigslist daily for ‘found cat ads’

We’ve also done some extraorinary things like:

  • Hired a pet detective and her tracking dogs
  • Mailed postcards to every house in our one square mile area.

I guess I could have hired a pet psychic but decided that would be a little extreme.



September 18, 2013
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