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Perspectives on Adopting an Adult Cat

Imagine you are about 10 years old. Something catastrophic happens and you are separated from your family. You don’t know exactly what happened. It as all so confusing. You don’t know why it happened. You have no idea where your family is.

You manage for a while by living on the streets and sleeping with friends. Eventually a family takes you in, provides you with food, shelter, a loving home, and all the other things you once had.

You are of corse eternally grateful to your new family and are learning to love them and be comfortable there.  Still, you miss your old family.  You reminisce about your Mom’s mashed potatoes and how your Dad used to play ball with you in the backyard. You miss them a lot, as a matter of fact.

If you’ve adopted an adult cat then that is how your cat feels.

We, as the new parents of our adopted cats, need to understand this.  Our cats love us, bond to us, and show us affection. But they still miss their old families.  Remember that when your adopted cat is wandering through the house as if he’s looking for something and mewing.  He is looking for something. He’s looking for members of his old family – feline or human.

We, as the new parent of our adopted cat, must give our cat a lot of understanding. We need to respect that.

My siamese mix cat ‘Bear’ is missing from my home in Phoenix, AZ. If you see him please let me know.  If you’ve taken him in, please understand that he and I miss each other very much.

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