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Lost Siamese Cat Phoenix, AZ

Bear 4 wks old

Bear is a rescued feral cat. My neighbors main home is in Canada and they are typically here for the winter.  We take care of their house when they are not here.

It was in May. My wife was checking the back yard and this little fuzzball came crawling out from under a bush. The days were starting to get hot and we knew he would not last long. With the help of the Internet we determined that we was about 4 weeks old. We called the Humane Society to learn how to feed a 4-week old kitten.

lost siamese cat phoenix AZ

Bear sleeping at my feet

If you love cats then you know that they pick someone.  Bear picked me as his ‘pet human’ and we became inseparable. He slept either on a low shelf next to my feet or on the spare chair in my office. If I needed to run up the stairs to retrieve something and then come right back down, so did Bear. He was always nearby.

When I would be getting ready for bed Bear would wait expectantly for me to turn down the beadcovers and turn out the light.  That was his signal. He would run and leap onto the bed, and curl up next to my shoulder kneading and purring.

The photo in the banner is my favorite.  Bear was about 8 months old at his first Christmas. He would climb the tree, locate an ornament he wanted to play with, batt it out into the room, and then take a flying leap out of the tree after it. All the while the tree is swaying like it was doing the hula.

As Bear became an adult, the fur on his face and legs got darker:

To say that I miss bear would be a vast understatement. He has brought so much joy and happiness into my life. His absence leaves a huge hole. All I wanted for Christmas was to have my little pal home.

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