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Bear’s Spirit Is Here

It’s been two years since my precious little boy kitty went out the back door of my Phoenix home one morning and never returned.

His spirit is here though.  Every now and then, I’ll see a flash of tan fur out of the corner of my eye.When I look more closely there is nothing there.  I have chosen to believe that Bear is here.

“I Saw Your Cat”

My siamese cat is lost, missing from my home in Phoenix, AZ.  If have posters up everywhere and an ad on Craigslist.  I’ve lost count of the numner of times someone has called and said “I found your cat” or “I saw your cat” and when I go there the cat they’ve found looks nothing like the photo of my cat in the posters and ads.  oh well.

Soon it Will be 10 Months

In a few days it will be the 10 months since my siamese cat went missing from my home in Phoenix, Az. I think when that sort of thing happens you never get over it.

I failed.  Bear relied upon me to keep him safe.  I failed.

My Siamese Cat is Missing From My Home In Phoenix

Bear is my little siamese cat and he is missing from my home in Phoenix, AZ. He is a three year old male, he is wary but friendly. He went out for his morning stroll one day at 5am as usual and never returned.

We’ve done all the usual things that one does when a cat is lost:

  • Plastered flyers everywhere
  • Went door-to-door
  • Visited the humane society, pound, and the shelters every day.
  • Put an ad on craigslist and monitored craigslist daily for ‘found cat ads’

We’ve also done some extraorinary things like:

  • Hired a pet detective and her tracking dogs
  • Mailed postcards to every house in our one square mile area.

I guess I could have hired a pet psychic but decided that would be a little extreme.



Another False Alarm

My Siamese cat ‘Bear’ is lost. He’s missing from my home in Phoenix, AZ. I got another call today from a kind soul who spotted a cat he thought might be Bear. I raced over there but alas it was not Bear.

Though disappointing, I’mm very grateful for these pwoplw who care enough to call me.

Some day it won’t be a false alarm.

I’ll Never Stop Looking

Strange strong feelings of Bear’s presence this morning. Can’t explain it.  I went out back and called him for many minutes. I get these feelings now and then. Bear and I had a very close bond. WIshfull thinking perhaps but maybe when the feeling comes it means Bear is thinking of me too.


Lost Siamese Cat Phoenix

For Me It’s Different

I spend a lot of time at the Humane Society searching for my lost siamese cat missing from my home in Phoenix, AZ. I see people bringing in their animals for either surrender or to be euthanized. In many cases, they are moving to some place that does not allow pets.

So let me ask you: If you have children, would you move to some place that did not allow them?  Would you surrender your child to an orphanage simply because you needed to move and the new spot didn’t allow kids?  Of course not.

Your animals are your children.  You must think of them that way.

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