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Hope Never Dies

Lost Siamese Cat Phoenix

I still have hope.  I’m still getting calls prompted by my flyers I posted everywhere. When the call comes in I always go there, walk the streets and call Bear’s name. I still visit the humane society every other day – if not every day.

I know in my heart Bear is inside someone’s house and given the chance he’ll come home.

Teddy and I Are Two Sides of the Same Coin

While searching for may Siamese cat ‘Bear’ missing from my home in Phoenix, we found Teddy at the AZ Humane Society and adopted him.

It occurred to me today that Teddy and I are two sides of the same coin. Teddy lost his family and probably misses them. I’ve lost Bear and I missing so much.

Teddy has a new home (ours) and a new name (Teddy). Bear probably does too.  Teddy is accepting the change but I am not.

Perspectives on Adopting an Adult Cat

Imagine you are about 10 years old. Something catastrophic happens and you are separated from your family. You don’t know exactly what happened. It as all so confusing. You don’t know why it happened. You have no idea where your family is.

You manage for a while by living on the streets and sleeping with friends. Eventually a family takes you in, provides you with food, shelter, a loving home, and all the other things you once had.

You are of corse eternally grateful to your new family and are learning to love them and be comfortable there.  Still, you miss your old family.  You reminisce about your Mom’s mashed potatoes and how your Dad used to play ball with you in the backyard. You miss them a lot, as a matter of fact.

If you’ve adopted an adult cat then that is how your cat feels.

We, as the new parents of our adopted cats, need to understand this.  Our cats love us, bond to us, and show us affection. But they still miss their old families.  Remember that when your adopted cat is wandering through the house as if he’s looking for something and mewing.  He is looking for something. He’s looking for members of his old family – feline or human.

We, as the new parent of our adopted cat, must give our cat a lot of understanding. We need to respect that.

My siamese mix cat ‘Bear’ is missing from my home in Phoenix, AZ. If you see him please let me know.  If you’ve taken him in, please understand that he and I miss each other very much.

AZ Humane Society is Looking Out For Me

I was making my daily visit to the Humane Society today. In the Stray Hold area was a Siamese Mix that looks like my Lost Siamese Cat Bear missing from my home on Phoenix. As I was bending down to take a closer look, one of the ladies who works there walked up and said, “It’s not Bear I already checked. He doesn’t have Bear’s stripe down his tummy.”

These people at the AZ Humane Society are so wonderful.

“Such A Beautiful Cat”

I spend a lot of time looking for my lost siamese mix cat lost from my north Phoenix home. While visiting the shelters I hear people who are looking at one of the cats say, “WHat a beautiful cat.”

All cats are beautiful.

My Heart Breaks for Bear

Lost Siamese Cat Phoenix AZWe’ve adopted a new cat from the Humane Society and named him Teddy. He’s been home five days and is adjusting well.

He clearly misses his formr family though. He spends a lot of time walking through the house looking for them and mewing.

My heart breaks for Teddy knowing he misses his family.  My heart breaks for Bear because I know he’s going through the same thing missing me.


Very Odd. I found a cat at a rescue/adoption organization that looks a lot like Bear, however they don’t seem to want me to come look at him. very odd.

Another False Alarm

My little pal Bear, a siamese mix has been missing from my home in Phoenix AZ since November 25. We continue to actively search for him.  Yesterday we drove clear over to 44th street and Southern to meet a woman who has taken in a stray that looks a lot like Bear.  It turned out to be female.  My missing Siamese mix is male. Nevertheless I am grateful for these calls and the people who make them.  Some day it will not be a false alarm.

The Staff at the AZ Humane Society are Wonderful

We’ve gotten to the point where everyone there knows me and they are all keeping an eye out for Bear, my lost siamese cat here in Phoenix, AZ.  Whenever someone brings in a siamese mix they always check to see if it’s Bear. Many times when I come in got my daily visit they are waiting for me and to see a new siamese mix, hoping he’s Bear. I’m humbled by this.


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