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I just finished a frantic search for my other little sweetie, MIcky Dee. She was sleeping quietly under the bed hidden between some boxes. I’m just paranoid about losing another cat.

Inspiration Website

If your cat is missing and you are about to give up hope, here is a website for you:

It’s full of ‘happy endings’.

Bear has now been gone six weeks. Reading this website and the stories of cats returning after 3 or more months and their owners’ message of ‘never give up’ and ‘never stop looking’ helps keep me going.


I was intrigued by the various services that claim to send postcards to your neighbors alerting them to your lost pet. I looked into them a little and I thought I would share what I found.

The problem with these services is that you cannot specify geographic boundaries.  You cannot tell them, “Send a postcard to every address within this square mile”. You simply select the number of postcards you want sent and they simply work outward until they’ve sent the number of postcards you specify.

I think the postcards are a great idea but there is a better way.

  1. Use photoshop or some other program to design your own postcard.
  2. Choose an online printing service like and upload your postcard design. Your postcards will be delivered to you within a few days. (Prices vary depending upon speed of delivery)
  3. Go to and map your area.  You can mouse over each house and it will give you the address. Copy the addresses to a spreadsheet and print labels from it.
  4. Buy stamps for your postcards and mail them. Your neighbors should receive them the next day.

I used this system to target the specific area that I thought Bear was in. (I still think he is in this area and that someone has him and is keeping him as their own.)


Review: Pet Amber Alert

If you’ve searched the various lost/found pet websites I’m sure you’ve seen the various Pet Amber Alert offerings. I tried one of them. This article contains my experiences an opinions about it.

THe Pet Amber Alert systems offer to telephone your neighbors and play a prerecorded message informing them of your lost pet. The more money you pay the more neighbors they will call.

I inquired about the fact that today due to the fact that everyone has a cellphone, many homes do not have telephones (I do not have a ‘landline’ phone). THeir reply was:

We only contact residences with landlines. We do not call cell phones. Within any given radius, there are still a significant number of homes with land lines, and these are the ones which we target for our broadcasts.

My own personal feeling is that such a system is going to reach only a small percentage of homes.

The second (and biggest, in my opinion) drawback is that you cannot designate a boundary and say “Call everyone within this area”. They simply use the address you specify as the center and go outward until they’s found enough landlines to satisfy your request. I went for the ‘Call 750 neighbors” package and while my square mile (the square mile I am in bounded by four major streets) contains about a thousand homes, the system was calling people 3-4 miles away from me.

The system did generate several return calls. I drove out and looked at several cats but none of them was Bear.

Based upon the inability to specify geographical boundaries I would not use this service again.

I am bummed

I received an email from someone who works in an animal hospital in a town 60 miles away. They have a stray that looked like Bear. They sent me photos. From the photos he looked like Bear.

We drove there to see this cat in person. While that cat looked extremely similar to Bear, his mommy and I could see it was not Bear. It had larger eyes and a shorter nose. It’s ‘meow’ was different. But this kitty laid there in my arms, snuggled up to me and purred. It broke my heart.

The hardest part

The hardest part of this whole ordeal is the trips to the Humane Society and the pound.
I was at the pound this morning looking for my lost siamese cat missing from my home on Phoenix, AZ. As I was checking out the strays I spied a cage containing a 4-month old kitten with a notation at the top ‘Adopted’.

I went over to the kitten and told her that soon she would be going to her forever home and it would be a warm comfortable place full of toys to play with, people who love her and cuddle her, and tasty food to eat.

In the adjacent cage was an adult cat who got up and came over to the front of his cage, he gave a quiet little meow and looked at me as if to ask, “What about me?”

I Guess I’m Not Extreme After All

I was beginning to wonder if I was going to far in my effort to find Bear but I guess not. I just had a conversation with the pet detective we hired and she related a story to me about another client of hers using a drone to find their dog.

Someone is Keeping Bear

My beautiful little Siamese cat is missing from my home in Phoenix AZ.
When I show people his photo the most common reaction is, “He’s in someone’s house.” I agree.

That’s why I’ve sent postcards to every house in the neighborhood and knocked on all the likely doors. I’v come to the conclusion that not only is he in someone’s house, he is being kept there by someone who knows I’m looking for him and doesn’t want to give him back.

How could someone think it’s OK to cause a pet owner so much agony and torment?

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