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A Short Recent Video of Bear

Bear came to us when he was four weeks old. From nearly the first day, I began lightly rubbing my bearded chin along his chin and the sides of his face. To him, I’m sure it felt like his mommy washing his face after nursing and it became a special bonding ritual between he and I.

This video was taken in JUne 2012 so it is pretty recent:

Most Probable

Just this morning I watched someone’s cat walk up to my back patio door and sit there looking inside very earnestly as if he wanted in. I would not be surprised if bear did the same and that’s what happened.

I believe that the highest probability is that Bear is in someone’s house. There are misguided people out there who feel that cats should under no circumstances be allowed outside and if the cat is outside then it is a stray or its owner is irresponsible (and they will take better care of the cat than its owner).

Waiting for a Phone Call

Yesterday I engaged the services of to telephone all my neighbors. with a few minutes, I received a phone call from someone a mile away who thinks Bear spends sime in her front yard.

This morning I talked to he in person and showed her Bear’s photo. Whoever’s cat it is, it looks like Bear and shares some of the same behaviors as Bear.  She said he comes around every day when she feeds the birds. Later today when she feeds the birds if he shows up she will call me.

I’m waiting for her call and hoping.

UPDATE: It was not Bear.

TIme Lapse Webcam Watching the Foodbowl

We’re hoping that if Bear is roaming (which I doubt) that putting out food at night will draw him home. He’s very social – he likes to be around other cats – and if the neighborhood cats gather on my back porch to eat then perhaps he will join them. The difficulty of course is monitoring the food bowl.

My Solution:

I use Gawker and a webcam. I configure gawker to take a photo every three seconds and to include the timestamp in the photo.  It saves the sequence of photos as a Quicktime movie. A dusk-to-dawn movie runs about 8 minutes.  Problem solved.

Tough to Deal With

I’ve had to put favorite pets to sleep and it wasn’t as bad as this ‘not knowing’. I can’t read ‘Rainbow Bridge’ without tearing up.

It’s been five weeks, and all the experts have said that it’s too early to give up and stop looking for Bear. I have friends and relatives who’ve told me stories of their own cats who’ve come home after being gone 6-8 weeks. I to sense that giving up now would be the wrong decision.

The worst part is the feeling of powerlessness. I am a problem-solver by nature. My mindset is that I can solve any problem if I just focus on it long and hard enough and put enough energy into it.

My lost little pal siamese cat needs to come home to his Daddy here in Phoenix, Az.

Bear At Play

The experts always say never to allow your cat to play with your hands.  We ignored that and Bear always had a great time hunting down and killing my moving fingers. He never used his claws and he was always gentle when using his teeth.

Interestingly, Bear could be ‘highly engaged’ in playing with my hand and if I stuck my head into the ‘play area’ he would always back off as if saying, “No, Daddy. I don’t want to hurt you.”

Bear is the First Siamese Cat I’ve Owned

I’d always heard that Siamese were smart.  At least in Bear’s case that’s true. One of the interesting things about Bear is that he would almost immediately notice if anything was different. If my wife out something new in the backyard, the next time he went out you could see him react with, “Whoa! That’s DIfferent!”. and then he’d cautiously investigate it.

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